Tenant Move-Out

Upon your decision to vacate the premises, please:

  • Give thirty (30) days written notice (use the form provided in this package). It is effective the date it is received in our office.
  • On your notification, indicate whether only a roommate is leaving or if everyone is leaving
  • If you have a garage, you need to let us know. Our office will mail you back a “Confirmation Letter” acknowledging your notification.
  • Return all keys and any parking remote controls to our office (you will be subject to a $50.00 charge for each remote control not returned).
  • If you fail to return your keys, legally you are still in possession of the unit. You will be subject to daily pro-rated rent for each day past your notice that the keys are not received, along with the cost of replacing the locks.
  • If you would like your security deposit refund to be divided between roommates upon vacating, we require a letter from each tenant requesting this. If not indicated upon move-out, the refund check will be made out to all tenants that were living in the apartment. Please note that we do not refund “Partial” deposits when only a roommate leaves.
  • Don’t forget to give us a forwarding address so that we can return your refund/security deposit notice within twenty-one (21) days.