Application Process

Thank you for considering Belmont Brokerage and Management, Inc. for finding your new home.

Unit Availability

All units listed for rent are subject to availability only, and management does not guarantee that any unit will be available upon your submission of a rental application, or during the time that it is processed. All approved applications are good for 30 days for any rental unit within your approved rental limit. Your application fee is non-refundable, and payment of fee does not guarantee that your application will be approved. Please carefully read all of our criteria requirements before you decide to submit your application.

Resident Criteria

Thank you for considering renting at a Belmont Brokerage managed community. We are a third party manager as each property we manage is owned by different entities or owners with differing criteria. Below are general guidelines suggested by Fair Housing.  Please note:

It is unlawful to deny Housing based on race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, familial status, source of income, disability, veteran or military status or genetic information of that person.

Occupancy  : Two persons per bedroom and one per unit unless local laws/owners are stricter.

Income: Verifiable Net Income of at least two and one half  to three times the monthly rent amount with aggregate income of persons to reside together or proposing to reside together. Sources of income means lawful, verifiable income paid directly to a resident or a representative of or paid to the Housing Owner/ Agent on behalf of a resident, including but not limited to Federal or State vouchers or  Veteran Affairs Housing vouchers. Self employed: Supply last two recent tax returns with reported income page only needed and current bank deposit statements.

Rental History: Minimum of one year verifiable rental history, unlawful detainer actions or unpaid balances or lawsuit(s) from a Housing Provider. Full time students or first time renters are welcome to apply but may require a co-signer or addition to the deposit not to exceed local ordinances.

Credit History: A credit reporting agency report is run on each applicant over the age of eighteen. Applicants may provide lawful, verifiable alternative evidence of the applicant’s reasonable ability to pay the portion of the rent to be paid by the resident, including, but not limited to, government benefit payments, pay records and bank statements presented within a reasonable time of the application submission.

On line and hard copy applications are processed as received. Incomplete applications may delay processing. Applications are reviewed and processed within two business days of receipt.

Verifications of employment and residency may take longer.  Please inform your Housing Provider and Employer whenever possible to check their email for a verification form.

  • Complete all sections of the application. If the section does not apply, put in N/A
  • Attach 4 chronological income verifying statements with the most current first.
  • Attach current and most recent two  bank statements
  • Supply current and prior Housing Provider emails and phone numbers
  • Attach your current government issued ID, drivers license and social security card if available.
  • Sign the bottom and initial where required   Submit with the Application fee

Thank you for applying with Belmont Brokerage And Management, Inc.