Tenant Move-In

Upon signing your rental agreement, paying your security deposit and first month’s rent, you will be given keys to your apartment, mail box, and if required, a garage door opener.

Please take note of the following things which you will need upon moving in:

  • INSPECTION RECORD—You’ll find an Inspection Record in this package. Upon moving into your apartment, please complete the form under the column “Original Condition”. Be sure to indicate anything broken, missing, or previously damaged or used. Mail it back in the envelope provided. This Inspection Report will be kept in your tenant file and will document the condition of your apartment so that you will not be charged for damage or repairs for which you are not responsible for.
  • TURN ON UTILITIES—For your convenience we have provided a list of local utility companies. Please review the Rental Agreement to determine what utilities are paid by the owner, and what utilities are your responsibility. You will have two (2) working days to have the utilities put into your own name, otherwise, those utilities will automatically be turned off.

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Tenant Move-In (pdf)

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