1. All applicants must be treated alike, in a consistent and fair manner. All restrictions, rules and other criteria are applied consistently to all applicants. We do not deny people housing because of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, familial status, disability, sex, or marital status, age, medical condition, source of income, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, citizenship and immigration status, primary language, veteran or military status, arbitrary, perception, association, personal beliefs.
  2. All applicants with children are welcome to rent an apartment, as long as the total number of persons meet the occupancy guidelines. We limit the number persons per apartment pursuant to the Institute of Real Estate Management suggested fair and reasonable occupancy standards as follows:

    Studio: 2 persons
    Two Bedroom: 5 persons

    One Bedroom: 3 persons
    Three Bedrooms: 7 persons

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Tenant Criteria (pdf)

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  1. We rent to persons who pay on time, do not disturb other residents, keep apartments clean and in good condition, and comply with building rules and regulations who also meet our rental criteria as noted in Section 6. Each applicant must fully qualify even in rommate situations.
  2. All persons over the age of eighteen must complete a separate “Application to Rent” and grant permission for extensive credit checking and personal history investigation. Married couples must each complete a separate application.
  3. Applications are processed in order of receipt. The applicant who: a) pays the application fee (at time of application), b) fills out an application completely and turns in all required documents, and c) qualifies, and pays the balance of required move-in costs after approval, will get the apartment. The credit fee in the amount of $40.00 credit card only per application is a nonrefundable administrative charge to cover the processing of the rental application. Upon move-in, you will need a cashier’s check or money order, as NO PERSONAL CHECKS, CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS, OR CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  4. The collective monthly net income and/or verifiable financial aid of the approved applicant(s) must be equal to or greater than; 1) the monthly rent amount , plus, 2) total monthly obligations, plus, 3) 30% of the net income of the applicant(s). Each applicant must have verifiable good occupancy history, verifiable good credit background, and no prior evictions.
  5. The applicants must all have sufficient cash reserves or a line of credit to accommodate major cash demands such as job loss, illness, or major car repairs; lacking these, applicants must provide a qualified co-signer. However, a co-signer may not compensate for poor credit, job instability, negative resident history, negative payment history, or a history of causing damage to rental property and/or its furnishings. Subletting is not permitted. The Credit Office will advise you if you need a co-signer.
  6. The ability to pay rent is related to job stability or a regular source of income and or financial aid. Ideally, the applicant should be on any job for a minimum of one year with minimal time loss between jobs. As long as the income and/or financial aid is verifiable we do not discriminate against those persons whose means of income include such subsidized forms as social security, AFDC, unemployment compensation, Calworks, etc. Unreported cash income is not acceptable.
  7. If you require a reasonable accomodation, you have the right to request alterations be made to the property (at your expense) if you desire to rent the apartment. While we do restrict pets, we do allow animals that provide needed assistance to disabled individuals with written verification.
  8. Waterbeds are allowed, if the resident provides proof of adequate insurance and the building load factors are not exceeded.
  9. Please do not engage with our resident managers or staff in discussions regarding protected subjects such as race, disabilities, etc., as this information is not required from you in renting an apartment.
  10. The staff of Belmont Brokerage & Management, Inc., are here to help you look at all available rental units. They may accept an application for processing, but they are not involved with the credit approval process. The credit approval process is done by Belmont Brokerage & Management Inc’s credit department. Please do not ask the staff questions pertaining to the possible denial or approval of your application.
  11. If your application is approved, you will have a maximum of 24 hours to pay for your security deposit. You must bring either a cashiers check or money order ONLY. Please obtain the payerr’s name from one of our staff members. Holding deposit payment will allow you a maximum of 15 days from holding deposit paid date to take possession of the property.
  12. If your application is denied, Belmont’s credit department will send you a notice indicating the reason for the denial. This notice is considered confidential between you and the credit office. Your twenty dollar ($20.00) application processing fee is nonrefundable if you are denied.
  13. When your monthly rent is paid after your move in, we then will accept personal checks and money orders. NO CASH PLEASE All checks/money orders must be made payable to BELMONT BROKERAGE & MANAGEMENT, INC. Be sure that you have indicated your apartment number and address on the check/money order to insure proper credit. No 2nd party or non-lessee checks/payments will be accepted.