As an owner of Property in Long Beach, I’m sure you are concerned with maximizing the return on your investment. However, maximizing your investment return requires time, hard work and attention to detail.

If you can’t spend the time maximizing your investment return, let Belmont Brokerage and Management, Inc. help! Our exclusive “Maximizer System” was developed over the last fourteen years. We’re helping satisfied clients maximize their return. We’d love to discuss how we can help you too!

Here’s How Our Maximizer System Helps You!

Low Management Cost
The Maximizer System, with its “Total Quality Management” concept, is efficient enough to provide a superior product at very competitive rates.

Low Maintenance Cost
The Maximizer System provides an in-house staff along with selected independent contractors to provide high quality, low maintenance costs.

Low Vacancy Factor
The Maximizer System keeps our average city-wide vacancy factor at 1.8-3%.

Low Collection Loss
The Maximizer System reduces rent collection losses through careful tenant screening and prompt collection procedures.

Low Advertising costs
The Maximizer System eliminates costly advertising through our unique rental marketing program.

Low Worker’s Compensation Rates
The Maximizer System slashes high insurance premiums for resident managers.

Low Vacancy Turn-around Time
The Maximizer System is designed to refurbish vacant units in 4 to 5 days or sooner, thereby increasing rental income.

High Owner Liability Protection
The Maximizer System incorporates loss prevention programs, and injury and illness programs in order to reduce insurance premiums and help prevent lawsuits.

High Discrimination Prevention
The Maximizer System provides for on-going fair housing training for all employees and resident managers.

High Accountability
The Maximizer System provides “real-time” reporting, providing owners accurate and timely information regarding the physical and financial operation of properties.

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