Application Process

Thank you for considering Belmont Brokerage and Management, Inc. for finding your new home.

Unit Availability

All units listed for rent are subject to availability only, and management does not guarantee that any unit will be available upon your submission of a rental application, or during the time that it is processed. All approved applications are good for 30 days for any rental unit within your approved rental limit. Your application fee is non-refundable, and payment of fee does not guarantee that your application will be approved. Please carefully read all of our criteria requirements before you decide to submit your application.

Application Process


The application process takes about 3 to 5 business days* based on the information that you supply us. (*3 to 5 days does not include holidays or weekends.) If more than 5 days elapse without a decision on your application, you may receive a letter of denial base upon incompletion of unverifiable information. In order to process your application more quickly, we would appreciate if you would double check your application for the following information:

  1. One application for each Adult occupant over the age of 18 years. All proposed Adult occupants must be present to submit their applications and sign a mandatory credit screening fee receipt.
  2. Signature of authorization on bottom of each application.
  3. Social Security Number listed, or attach copy of card.
  4. State Issued I.D. or Driver’s License number, with copy of same attached.
  5. A current telephone or message number listed on application.
  6. Complete present & past addresses listed with City & ZIP Codes.
  7. Complete present & past owners/managers name and telephone numbers for all addresses.
  8. Proof of income attached – 2 paycheck stubs, S.S.I. / Disability benefits, AFDC Notice of Action.
  9. List the apartment address, apartment number, and rental amount on the application.
  10. Attach $40.00 application fee ( This is a non-refundable administrative charge to cover the processing of your application.).


Once you are approved, you will be told the amount required to move in. You will need to obtain a bank cashiers check, or money order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR A MOVE IN DEPOSIT. All checks or money orders must be payable to “The OWNER’S NAME or PROPERTY NAME” (ask a staff member for that name). Our staff will advise you what name to make your payment payable to. Please be sure that you indicate your name and new property address & unit # on your remittance.


Feel free to call upon our staff for any questions…..we’re here to help you find a new home!!!